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Performance Edge & Optimizely Web

This is the documentation for Performance Edge. If you'd like access, please reach out to your Optimizely account manager.

You cannot run a Performance Edge and Optimizely Web project on the same individual webpage. Depending on the use-case of the specific page, one product has particular advantages over the other. Here's an approach that we recommend for getting the most out of your Optimizely installation. Click each card to learn more.

Where and why

Performance Edge and Web experimentation both offer distinct advantages. Below, we suggest where you might run experiments using Performance Edge, Web, and Full Stack and why.




Performance Edge

  • Entry pages: Homepage, Landing pages, SEO pages
  • Category pages
  • Product, Article pages
  • Extremely fast
  • Seamless redirects
  • Single page application (SPA) support **
  • Focused on A/B testing


  • Checkout, Subscription pages
  • Critical personalized experiences
  • Powerful targeting
  • PCI compliance available
  • Already set up to track conversions (shared with Edge experiments)

Full Stack

  • Everywhere
  • Backend and frontend
  • Search algorithm and pricing
  • New cart features
  • SDKs in backend languages
  • Control over core application / site code and functionality
  • Zero latency

** The following page triggers for dynamic websites are now available for Performance Edge: Immediately, When a callback is called, When the DOM changes, When a JavaScript condition is true, and Manually. The following page conditions for dynamic websites are now available for Performance Edge: URL Match, Element is present, and JavaScript condition.


Running Performance Edge and Web together

Please note that you cannot run a Performance Edge experiment and a Web experiment on the same page at the same time. For more information, see our FAQ.

Core functionality

Performance Edge uses a smart, lightweight microsnippet that enables you to deliver client-side web experiments to your site visitors faster.

Feature Category


Visual Editor

Insert HTML
Style changes

Code Editor

Custom JavaScript**
Custom CSS

Page Triggers

When the URL Changes*
When the DOM Changes*

Page Conditions

URL Match
Element is Present*
JavaScript Condition*

Audience conditions

Query Parameter
IP Address

Event tracking

Click events
Pageview events
Custom events**

*These page triggers and conditions are available. Please get in touch with your account team if you would like access to these features.

**Performance Edge uses a different JavaScript API from Web. Instead of using window.optimizely to use the API as you would in Web, you'll need to use window.optimizelyEdge. See the Performance Edge API reference for more.

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