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Using the Command Line Interface

Optimizely Enriched Events CLI



Accessing Data with the CLI

3 minute video illustrating the below instructions

Step 1: Generate a Personal Access Token.

Generate a Personal Access Token (PAT) within the Optimizely application, by following these instructions.

Store your Personal Access Token in the OPTIMIZELY_API_TOKEN environment variable:


Step 2: Download and install the oevents CLI

See the Github repository for detailed installation and usage instructions

sudo curl -o /usr/local/bin/oevents
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/oevents

Step 3: Explore and download your data

You can use the oevents CLI to easily acquire temporary AWS credentials:

oevents auth

...explore your data:

oevents ls \
    --type events \
    --date 2020-07-01

...and download it:

oevents load \
    --type decisions \
    --start 2020-07-01 \
    --end 2020-07-05 \
    --experiment 12345