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Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) is conveniently installed through Visual Studio and the Optimizely Visual Extensions, providing everything you need to get a sample website up and running and start developing. See [Setting up your development environment](🔗). In addition, you need an index to use Optimizely Search & Navigation on a website.


Optimizely Search & Navigation was formerly known as Episerver Find.

## Create an account

You need an account for managing your index. Go to the [Optimizely Search & Navigation site](🔗) to register and create an account for a demo index. After signing up, you receive an email to verify your email address.


Here we use a [demo developer index](🔗) with certain limitations. See [Order Optimizely Search & Navigation (Find)](🔗), to order an index for production environments.

## Add a Developer Service

On the [Optimizely Search & Navigation site](🔗), go to the **My Services **section and select **Add Developer Service**. Enter an index name, optionally one or two languages to be used for stemming (content in other languages is indexed), and click **Create Service**. Your service is created and ready to use within a minute, and you instantly see everything you need to start using Optimizely Search & Navigation.


If you are multiple developers sharing an index, see [Reindexing a shared index](🔗) how to manage reindexing without affecting the data of other developers.