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When you run multiple search in one request, an `IEnumerable<SearchResults<T>` is returned. Below is a simple multi-search example.

In this example, both queries search and return the `Article` type. Alternatively, you can search for and return different types using Optimizely Search & Navigation projections, as illustrated in the following example.

The results are always returned in the same way that they are searched for. So, the first result is related to the first query, and so on. Also, these searches only count as one query against the index.

## Multi-unified search

A multiple unified search equivalent is also available. Below is a simple multi-unified-search example.

You can also specify your own hit specification with customized highlighting for each search, as illustrated in the following example.

## Maximum number of searches

For performance reasons, one multi-search request can create up to **10 searches**.