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Best Bets display at the top of search results because it has a higher boost weight.

## Apply Best Bets

Use `ISearch` or `ITypeSearch` in the `EPiServer.Find` namespace to apply Best Bets to the search results, as shown in the following examples.

Note that `GetContentResult()` does not return external best bets because it only returns `IContent`, which external best bets do not. External best bets are of type `ExternalUrlBestBets`. To work around this, implement your own `GetContentResult(). Do a .select(x => x.ContentLink).GetResult()` then load the content by that content reference.

### Unified Search

You can apply an overload that accepts a boost index (`ApplyBestBets(double? boost)`), which affects the influence of a matching Best Bets on the search result score (default is 1000).

### Typed Search

You can also apply Best Bets to arbitrary types you have indexed, as shown in the following example.

## Style Best Bets search results

To style Best Bets search results, first use `IsBestBetStyle()` to see whether a search hit is a Best Bet. Then, use `HasBestBetStyle()` to see whether the Best Best is shown using its style. `IsBestBetStyle()` and `HasBestBetStyle()` are available for `UnifiedSearchHit`.

For `HasBestBetStyle()` to return true, you must select the **Show the best bet with its own style** check box on the Optimizely Search & Navigation admin UI. Otherwise, the function returns false, indicating the style is not added to the listing.