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The .NET client API for Optimizely Search & Navigation is built on the premise of "convention over configuration," meaning it "just works" out-of-the-box using a set of default conventions. Using code, you can customize these conventions to suit your needs. This topic describes how to configure Optimizely Search & Navigation to start working with the .NET API.

To use the .NET API, first add references to the required assemblies, _EPiServer.Find.dll_ and _NewtonSoft.Json.dll_. Next, configure the service URL and default index name in _web.config/app.config_.

Open the _web.config/app.config_ file and add the following:

See also [Get started with Search & Navigation](🔗).

Next, create an instance of the Client class and start working with the Find service. See [Client class](🔗) for more details about next steps.