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Many solutions depend heavily on functionality like search-based landing pages.

## Service reliability

You should count on the reliability specified in your service level agreement (SLA). Nevertheless, as search is a central part of a solution, you should implement a graceful degradation strategy if the Search & Navigation service becomes unavailable.


If Optimizely is not hosting Search & Navigation, Optimizely cannot guarantee the connection between an application and the Search & Navigation service.

## Recommendations for coping with downtime

### Leave the search-generated page sections blank

For example, a page displays a list of most watched products fetched from Optimizely Search & Navigation. If Optimizely Search & Navigation is down, display a blank list.


  • Simple to implement.


  • The site does not display the expected information.

### Implement [query caching](🔗)


  • Relatively simple to implement.

  • The site works in many scenarios even if Optimizely Search & Navigation is down.


  • Development effort required.

### Use [FindPagesWithCriteria](🔗) as back-up


  • The site works even if Optimizely Search & Navigation has issues.


  • It takes longer to implement.

  • The site is significantly slower.