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Describes the Moderation feature of the Optimizely Community API Moderation, an essential component of managing your digital community's activity and content, lets you curate your site's social messaging.

You can monitor feedback to maintain a dialog with your audience and restrict access to exclusive communities.

The Optimizely Community API provides an open system for building moderation systems that suit your application. The developer can design features that enable users to define moderation strategies, transition actions, and resources through a moderation process and monitor their state and progress.

This topic explains how to use the Moderation feature, which lets developers:

  • Define moderation strategies
  • Manage moderation activities
  • Extend the moderation system to meet the needs of your application

Plan a moderation strategy

Moderation is a business process by which resources and actions may be reviewed for suitability within an application.

  • Resources may exist within or outside of the social platform. So, the feature lets you moderate custom resources, such as comments, ratings, profile images, and products.
  • Actions represent an activity or request within your application, such as a request to join an exclusive group or publish a comment.

As you plan a moderation strategy, it is important to consider the following:

  • What you intend to moderate (a resource, an action, or a custom entity)
  • The steps or process required to moderate it
  • How to represent entities being moderated

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