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Activity streams

Describes the Activity Streams feature within the Optimizely Community API.

The syndication of social activities is a staple of modern digital communities. It serves to broadcast and promote your community's engagement. It also provides a mechanism for reacting to events within that community.

The Optimizely Community API provides an extensible system, which automatically generates feeds of information about social activity within your application. You, as a developer, can design features that let users subscribe to users and resources within the application. A filterable record of activities related to those users and resources is available within the platform. Additionally, this feature exposes the necessary hooks for developers to react, in real-time, to activities occurring in the application.

This section explains how to use the feature, which allows developers to:

  • Manage subscriptions to resources and other users
  • Define and broadcast activities
  • Filter and retrieve a feed of information about activities occurring in the application
  • React to those activities

See also: Get started with Activity Streams: Part 1.