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Optimizely Forms is only supported by MVC-based websites and HTML5-compliant browsers.

After a visitor submits a form, you can redirect them to a _Thank you_ page using the **Display page after submission** field. You can have several forms go to the same _Thank you_ page, so the following elements (in the redirect URL) let you know which form the visitor submitted using the `DefaultAppendExtraInfoToRedirection` class.

  • `FormGuid` – Unique ID of the `FormContainerBlock`. Use this ID to lookup the form instance.

  • `FormLanguage` – Language of the container page (where `FormContainerBlock` is dropped).

  • `FormSubmissionId` – Unique ID of the submission. Use this ID to lookup the recent submission (which drives a visitor to the _Thank you_ page).

_Forms.Core_ provides the `IAppendExtraInfoToRedirection` interface, and lets you customize the _Thank you_ page. Basically, you should:

  1. Implement the interface.

  2. Make an `InitializationModule`, and use Dependency Injection to replace the default implementation.

A third-party developer can alter this behavior by implementing `IAppendExtraInfoToRedirection`, and using [StructureMap in InitializationModule (D](🔗)[emoInitializationModule.cs](🔗)) to replace the default implementation:

See also the source code in [Demo project on Episerver GitHub](🔗), especially the following code samples:

  • [AppendInfoToRedirection.cs in the open-sourced Demo project](🔗)

  • [DemoInitializationModule.cs in the open-sourced Demo project](🔗)