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Optimizely Forms is only supported by MVC-based websites and HTML5-compliant browsers.

Optimizely Forms can trigger customized emails when someone submits a form.

The editor can use placeholders to automatically fill in data from the form into the email, as shown in the following example images:

  • **#EMAIL#** – Displays the email address submitted from the form data.

  • **#NAME#** – Displays the text string submitted in the name field of the form.

  • **#SUMMARY#** – Displays all form field data that was submitted.


## IIS send mail configuration

To send email, modify the following code in in _web.config_:

## DXC send mail configuration (Azure)

Configure SendGrid with Azure: <https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/sendgrid-dotnet-how-to-send-email/>

Modify the following code in _web.config_: