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Optimizely Forms is only supported by MVC-based websites and HTML5-compliant browsers.

## Optimizely Forms actors

After a visitor submits a form, Forms.Core calls Actors to perform additional processing on the server.

  • You can extend and plug in the Actor, and a third-party developer can implement it.

  • You can run Actors in a sync or async manner.

  • Each actor is provided with several data, including `SubmissionData` and the `HttpRequest`.

  • Sync-actor can have (and can modify) the `HttpResponse`, so Actor can modify response and cookie before sending back result to a visitor's browser.

By default, Optimizely Forms has two built-in Actors:

  • `CallWebhookAfterSubmissionActor`

  • `SendEmailAfterSubmissionActor`

### Handle submission actor's result

From version 4.16.0, it is possible to allow actors to:

  • Return a signal to cancel a form submission in the case where an actor fails.

  • Return an error message to be displayed to visitors.

To be able to cancel form submissions and to display error messages, you need to implement the following changes:

  1. Actors must implement `ISyncOrderedSubmissionActor`. Actors implementing this interface run synchronously in ascending order, regardless of the `IsSyncedWithSubmissionProcess` value. (Actors are forced to run synchronously because we cannot control the result of async actors).

  2. Actors must return an object instance of a class which implements `EPiServer.Forms.Core.PostSubmissionActor.Internal.ISubmissionActorResult`. By implementing this interface, the returned result will have two properties: - `CancelSubmit` (boolean): determines whether the form submission should be canceled or not. - `ErrorMessage` (string): this error message will be displayed to visitors.

## Implement customized actors

Basically, third-party developer can implement his own Actor by:

  • Inheriting a `PostSubmissionActorBase` base class.

  • Starting from scratch with the `IPostSubmissionActor` interface and interface `IUIPropertyCustomCollection` for edit view user interface of configuring the Actor model.

See a code sample about implementing a new Actor in the open-source project on [GitHub](🔗).