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## Prerequisites

Configure the API URLs and subscription keys:


See [Do Not Track](🔗) and [Turn "Do not track" on or off](🔗) for information about Do not Track (DNT)

## Install EPiServer.Profiles.Client

  1. Install the _EPiServer.Profiles.Client_ NuGet package from Optimizely NuGet source to your site by entering the following command at the Package manager prompt (PM>).

  2. In _web.config_, fill tracking `baseUrl` and `subscriptionKey` values in _appsetting_ section.

  3. Set the following:

  4. Optionally, specify `episerver:profiles.Scope = <default scope you want to send>`. The default Scope must be lowercase and cannot include special characters such as: + - \_ \\ / # \< > ...

  5. Verify your tracking data in Insight UI.

## Install EPiServer.Tracking.Core

Install the _EPiServer.Tracking.Core_ NuGet package from the [Optimizely NuGet source](🔗) to your site.

## Track data

See [Tracking](🔗) for information about how to track data.