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Tracked events are used for recording visitor interaction, for example viewing a website page, placing an order, or clicking a link in an email.

The track event object contains the following property fields.

  • `DeviceId [string]` – The device the event was send from.

  • `EventType [string]` – The type of event.

  • `Value [string]` – A human-readable string for the event.

  • `PageUri [string]` – The URL where the event was made (if it was from a site).

  • `RemoteAddress [string]` – The IP address for the event visitor.

  • `EventTime (datetime)` – The UTC time when the event occurred.

  • `CountryCode (string)` – country from which the event was made.

  • `Payload [object]` – A property where any other custom values can be stored in the form of a JSON object.


## TrackEvents methods

You must add an Authorization header to the request. The value should be:

### GET api/v2.0/TrackEvents

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GETapi/v2.0/TrackEventsGets events are based on OData query. Profile Store follows Microsoft REST API Guidelines for supporting $filter, and $orderby.

The result window size is limited and must fit the top 10000 records, so the sum of $skip and $top values must be less than 10000. Defaut values of $skip is 0, $top is 100.

### POST api/v2.0/TrackEvents/preview

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POSTapi/v2.0/TrackEvents/previewGets events that match KQL query.

When you create a KQL query for a filter definition, this endpoint lets you preview up to 1000 event results.

The execution is dropped if it runs longer than 2 minutes or uses too much compute power so do not make the KQL query too heavy for execution.

**Example request**

**Example response data**

### DELETE api/v2.0/TrackEvents/{scope}/{id}

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DELETEapi/v2.0/TrackEvents/{scope}/{id}The `DELETE` method deletes tracking events for the given scope and tracking event Id.

Please note that event deletion happens in 2 stages. Deleted events are not returned when querying and exporting data or executing segment. Actual data deletion usually is scheduled once a day. The cleaning period may be longer, depending on other tasks and the load on the system.

Up to 1 million events can be deleted before the next data cleaning is performed.


  • HTTP 200 OK when a tracking event was deleted.

  • HTTP 404 NOT FOUND if tracking event does not exist.

  • HTTP 429 TOO MANY REQUESTS if more than 1 million events would be deleted after this operation. See Retry-After response header for the suggested time for retry.

  • HTTP 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR when an internal error occurred in the deletion process.


If you experience an HTTP 500 error you can retry the operation again to get a successful response.