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Property Groups

Describes the property groups for Optimizely Content Definitions API.

Property groups are the available tabs in edit view where properties are displayed. The name is the identifier of the group. You can change the built-in tabs by referencing their names, such as information and settings.

Example Property Group

  "name"        : "settings",
  "displayName" : "Settings",
  "sortOrder"   : 120,
  "systemGroup" : false



systemGroup is a read-only property that shouldn't be included when creating or updating groups.

Create Property Group

Creates a new property group in the system.


Update or Create Property Group

Updates or creates a property group in the system with the provided name. Also known as upsert.


List Property Groups

List all property groups in the system.


Get Property Group

Gets a property group with the provided name.


Remove Property Group

Deletes the property group with the provided name.