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Language Branches

This topic describes the language branch endpoints of the Content Definitions API.


The Language Branch API is available only in version 3.4.0 or later of the Content Definitions API.

Language branches are definitions of language and regions that should be available for creating content in.

Example Langauge Branch definition

  "name"        : "en-NZ",
  "displayName" : "English (New Zealand)",
  "urlSegment"  : "en_nz",
  "sortOrder"   : 50,
  "enabled"     : true

List Language Branches

List all language branch definitions in the system.


Get Language Branch

Retrieve a language branch definition by its name, such as de or en-UK.


Create Language Branch

Creates a new language branch definition.


Update or Create Language Branch

Updates the language branch definition with the provided name. If no language branch with the provided name exist, one is created. Any properties not provided in the payload will be cleared.


Patch Language Branch

Patches an existing language branch definition with the provided name. Only include the properties that you want to update in the payload.


Enable Language Branch Example

Call PATCH /api/episerver/v3.0/languagebranches/en-nz with the following payload.

  "enabled" : true

Delete Language Branch

Deletes the language branch definition with the provided name. You can delete only unused language branch definitions.


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