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Querying tracking events

This topic shows how to query track events from Profile Store. Tracked events are used for recording visitor interaction.


See Tracking API for a better understanding of how tracking works. This topic references Postman for querying and testing of RESTful APIs, you can use other similar tools to get the same result.

How it works

Use the Profile Store API URL for querying tracking events, (not the Tracking API base URL). The format of the request should be {Profile Store API/api/v1.0/trackevents. An Authorization header must be added to the request. The value should be:


The trackevents endpoint returns 100 track events if you do not use any query string. Profile Store follows Microsoft REST API Guidelines for supporting $filter, and $orderby.



Using KQL

Below are some examples of KQL Query used to query track events.

Events | where EventType == "product" and CountryCode  == "SE" | take 25

This query retrieve the first 25 records of trackevents with EventType equals to "product" and CountryCode equals to "SE".

Events | where EventType == eventType and CountryCode  == countryCode | take takeTop

This query contains 3 user-defined parameters: eventType, countryCode and takeTop, which are defined in Parameters property of Event Filter Definition.