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This topic explains how to communicate with the CartAPI.

GETget/api/episerver/v2.0/carts/{cartId}Gets a cart.
PUTput/api/episerver/v2.0/carts/{cartId}Updates an existing cart or creates new cart as per provided model.
DELETEdelete/api/episerver/v2.0/carts/{cartId}Deletes a cart as per given cartId.
POSTpost/api/episerver/v2.0/cartsCreates new cart as per provided model.
POSTpost/api/episerver/v2.0/carts/{cartId}/converttoorderCreates an order, returns an order model and location for the resource created in the header.
POSTpost/api/episerver/v2.0/carts/{cartId}/preparecheckoutValidates cart and returns information related to cart totals, validation messages.