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Service API version 5

This topic describes changes from Service API version 4 to version 5.

Service API version 5.0 contains breaking changes compared to the previous version, 4.x. These breaking changes require code changes in website implementations that depend on the Service API.

Breaking changes for Service API version 5.0

  • Unlike previous versions that use direct access to MetaObjects, ServiceAPI 5.0 uses content API to read and update the properties of entries/categories. So, if a property has special parsing or processing for get or set actions, the data might be changed compared to previous versions. To avoid such changes, update your data model's MetaFieldData to the data you want the property to have.

  • model.IsActive determines the status of the content version. IsActive = true publishes the content. Otherwise, content is left in draft state.
    Previously, there was a workaround to add a MetaField named Epi_IsPublished to control the publish state of the content. This workaround is inoperable in ServiceAPI 5.0.

  • Updating catalog contents via ServiceAPI fires off content events, which can be listened to via IContentEvents.