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ITrackingDataInterceptor is an interceptor that can modify tracking data before sending to Profile Store.

## Tracking data workflow

  1. A user accesses the website.

  2. Create user tracking data.

  3. Data is accumulated through TrackingDataInterceptor  and ordered by SortOrder. The tracking data may be modified in the TrackingDataInterceptor.

  4. Tracking data is sent to the Tracking API.

## Customize the tracking data interceptor


See [Using Tracking.Core API with Profile Store](🔗).

  1. Implement ITrackingDataInterceptor to customize the tracking data interceptor. ITrackingDataInterceptor instances are executed following the SortOrder property.

    The following example uses a QuickSilver site that tracks data values (Browser, Market, Currency, and so on).

  2. Compile the site and browse the site on a browser.

  3. Look into the tracking value; you have the browser, market, and currency information in it. Using Profile APIs to query the tracking data, you get data similar to the following.