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## Standard logging configuration

The default logging configuration for Azure Web Apps in an environment in DXP has the following setting:

  • **Application logging** is _enabled_, and logs are stored in the BLOB storage with _90 days retention_.

You can access application logs for environments from the [DXP Management Portal](🔗), as a live stream or downloaded for offline analysis.

The configuration above is applied to environments during provisioning and you can change it for the **Integration** environment. [Contact Optimizely](🔗) to change any of the following for Preproduction or Production environments:

  • Get access to web server logs.

  • Temporarily change logging level.

  • Temporarily enable detailed error messages.

  • Temporarily enable failed request tracing.

## Implementing logging for your application

You should use the Mircosoft logging abstraction, as described in [logging documentation](🔗)[.](🔗)

See also: [Troubleshooting DXP](🔗)