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The Optimizely Content Management API is only available for Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) version 12 and _not_ version 11. Optimizely decided not to back-port this package.

The **Optimizely Content Management API **adds REST endpoints for basic content management operations such as:

  • Create content objects

  • Modify existing content objects

  • Delete content objects

  • Get draft content objects

  • Move content objects

The REST API is useful for pushing external content to Optimizely without having to deploy custom integration code to the Optimizely Content Management System (CMS).

See also [Content Management API reference](🔗) for the REST API service layer.

## Create

Creates a content object of the desired type under a parent. The endpoint also can be used to create a new language branch for existing content.

Column Title
Column Title

## CreateOrUpdate

If the content already exists, then the endpoint updates the content object. If it does not exist, a new content object is created. This endpoint cannot be used to update the content hierarchy.

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PUT/api/episerver/v3.0/contentmanagement/{contentGuid}## Delete

Moves the content object to the trash bin or permanently deletes it.

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Column Title

## Get

Returns the primary draft or latest published version of a content object.

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Column Title

## Move

Moves the content object to become a child of the target ID.

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Column Title

## Update

Update primary draft or latest version of a content object. This endpoint is ideal for changing a part of content, especially content status (for example, make it published) if needed. This endpoint cannot be used to update the content hierarchy.

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