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For Optimizely servers to supply personalized content to your site, you need to include a link to the Optimizely Personalization JavaScript integration code in all pages of your UAT and live websites.

When you first configure your site to use JSON, include the following tag on all pages of your UAT site (including [Checkout page](🔗) and [Order page](🔗) :

## UAT domains

### Standalone clients

### Native clients


Ensure that the UAT script is placed on your UAT site.

## Production domains

  • United Kingdom cluster – _\<sitename>.peerius.com _

  • Sweden cluster – _\<sitename>.peerius.episerver.net_

  • United States West cluster – _\<sitename>.uswe01.productrecs.episerver.net_

You need to add the production version of the script to your live site in the same way:

The `clientname` element is provided by Optimizely.


Do not add the above script inside <div> tags, because it may cause Internet Explorer to crash.

Position this tag just above the </body> tag, before any Google Analytics scripts or slow-loading social media tags.

Peerius tracking tag

This topic describes how to configure tracking for personalized content.

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