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  • Account-based modelling (ABM) is part of a **closed beta program**. Contact your Optimizely representative for information about joining.

  • ABM is available only to super admins.

  • ABM is available only if you have _at least 2 different content items_ for the account model to be used.

  • ABM is categorized as _un-personalized recommendation_.

Account-base modelling (ABM) is an optional feature for all delivery types, aimed at solving cold-start problems for all delivery types (mostly emails).

Sometimes a user does not have a model or profile, but other users in that person's group do have profiles, so using an aggregate model of the profiles of the users in the same group can serve as a proxy model for the user that does not have a profile. The proxy model is likely to provide better recommendations than just the _latest content_.

By default, ABM is disabled.


  • **Key** – Select a key from the additional information fields. For example, select **Level**. to be used for personalization.


  • **Value** – Select the value from the list. For example, if you select **silver**, and a user does not have a model already, Personalization uses the aggregate of other people who have **Level** set to **silver**  as the user's model.


To check the performance of the ABM feature, filter the following fields on the **Engage Dashboard: Model Type is at least one of** the following:

  • **agg ** – Show all ABM recommendations.

  • **agg:KEY** – Show only ABM recommendations for the additional\_info field **KEY**.

  • **agg:company** – Show only ABM recommendations that were using the key **company.**

  • **agg:company:microsoft – **Show only ABM recommendations that were using the key **company **and the value **microsoft.**


Account-based modelling

This topic describes how to configure and check the performance of Account-based Modelling.

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