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Event API Overview

The easiest way to analyze experiment data with Optimizely is to send data to Optimizely. You can easily send data to Optimizely with the following products:

  • Using Optimizely Web: Once implementing the one line snippet on your web page and creating events, the snippet will automatically send event data to Optimizely's backends.
  • Using Optimizely Full Stack: Once implementing one of Optimizely's SDKs or Optimizely Agent, creating events, and instrumenting those events, the Optimizely clients will send event data to Optimizely's backends.
  • Using the Event API : You can send event data directly to Optimizely's API by making a POST request with the proper payload to the endpoint Optimizely Web and Optimizely Full Stack both use this endpoint under-the-hood; however, using this API directly allows you to track events that would otherwise be difficult to do through Optimizely's products like tracking offline conversions.