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Using Raw Events Export


Deprecation Notice

Enriched Events Export replaces Results Export and Raw Events Export as Optimizely's source-of-truth events dataset. Results Export and Raw Events Export will no longer be supported beginning November 15, 2020. Please refer to the Enriched Events Export documentation for how to get started.

The Raw Events export contains the original raw event data that Optimizely received before any transformations, separated by experiment ID.

Use this export to check the accuracy or completeness of Optimizely's event collection and perform various event-level analyses on the customer data. For example, if you need to query events by a given `visitorId` or with a specific event tag value.



Because Raw Events Export data is pre-attribution and unprocessed, recreating the Results page numbers out of Raw Events Export takes significant effort: it requires recreating our attribution model in your queries. Optimizely doesn't provide support in matching Raw Events Export data with results. To confirm or recalculate results, we strongly recommend using the Results Export instead. The Results Export is an exact copy of the data that Optimizely uses to compute the Results page.

The below diagram shows where Raw Events export fits into Optimizely's data pipeline: