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Getting Started


Deprecation Notice

Enriched Events Export replaces Results Export and Raw Events Export as Optimizely's source-of-truth events dataset. Results Export and Raw Events Export will no longer be supported beginning November 15, 2020. Please refer to the Enriched Events Export documentation for how to get started.

Check Access

Check if this feature is available for your plan by reviewing Optimizely Plans.

Acquire Credentials

Optimizely can provide you with a set of credentials you can use to access our Amazon S3 bucket. We need to transmit these credentials in a secure way—so emailing them won't suffice!

We use PGP encryption to facilitate secure transmission for Amazon S3 credentials. Here's the step-by-step process to acquire credentials:

  1. Generate a public and private PGP key.
  2. File a support ticket to request access to a data export service. Make sure to include your public PGP key in your ticket. Do not provide your private PGP key.
  3. Optimizely Support will send you an encrypted file with your Amazon S3 credentials.
  4. Decrypt the credentials from Optimizely Support.



If you already have credentials for the other data export services, you can skip this step. You can reuse the same credentials to access your Enriched Events Export data.

Validate your Credentials

Verify you can access export data using the credentials you got from Optimizely Support:

  1. Install AWS command line tools.

  2. Run aws configure to input your access key and secret access key.

  3. Copy your Optimizely account ID (can be found under account settings)

  4. List the files in your S3 directory, using your account id:

    • aws s3 ls s3://optimizely-rex/<account id>/
    • After running the above command you should see a list of all your projects that have running or completed experiments. Note that the final forward-slash is necessary because your credentials will only provide access to one folder inside the Optimizely Amazon S3 bucket.
  5. Since your Data Export data is encrypted, inspect and access the data with one of the following clients:

    • Amazon S3 console
    • AWS CLI version 1.11.108 and later
    • AWS SDKs released after May 2016

Understand the Data

Read the Data Specification to further analyze the data.


If you see the following message:
An error occurred (AccessDenied) when calling the ListObjects operation: Access Denied

  • Try running aws configure again and double-check that you copied and pasted your credentials correctly.
  • Confirm that you’re including the final forward-slash after your account ID.



The Raw Events Export files represent a raw output of all events that occur in the browser. We recommend that customers import all records. Each and every event the visitor initiates on your site or app is captured. For example, this would include five records if the visitor landed on your homepage five times. Optimizely doesn't reproduce rows in the same or subsequent files unless that event actually happened again.