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Add-ons platform compatibility

This topic describes an overview of installation options and version compatibility for add-ons and integrations developed and owned by Optimizely.

You can see versions supported and which NuGet package to install for a specific add-on. See Installing Optimizely to learn how to install NuGet packages. See also Optimizely .NET 5 Add-ons for information about add-ons and integrations that Optimizely developed to .NET 5 and .NET 6.



See Optimizely App Marketplace for installation and version compatibility for third-party apps and integrations provided by Optimizely Technology Partners.

Optimizely add-ons

The latest add-on versions are supported by CMS/Commerce versions as listed below. Some add-ons are also supported by lower CMS/Commerce versions; see package details on Optimizely NuGet, and each add-on page for details.

Optimizely marketing automation connectors

The latest add-on packages are supported by CMS versions as listed below. For lower versions, see package details on Optimizely NuGet.



To use a connector, install the Forms MAI Connector, which is required for all connectors.

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