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Flags application & migration

This topic describes the new Flags experience for Optimizely Full Stack.

Optimizely Full Stack is evolving. We are excited to deliver the benefits of a newly redesigned application and API experience for Optimizely Full Stack. Our new Flags experience has been the default experience for new Projects and Free Rollouts accounts since its launch, and we are excited to offer a migration path for your existing Legacy projects over the course of 2022-2023.

We believe that Flags offers simplified workflows, models and API for experimenting with and delivering new experiences to your end users. It also provides a significantly more performant editing and management experience when working with feature flags at scale. See the video below for a walk through and deeper dive into some of the specific workflow differences, and new capabilities within the new platform.

We are still working to bring the new Flags experience into full feature parity with the Legacy experience to enable a smooth and delightful migration for all of your existing experiments and feature flags. Projects that are migrated to Flags will still be compatible with your existing SDK installation and API use, and will not require any interruption or modification to your existing Features and Experiments. Migrations will be executed at the Project level, allowing you and your teams to coordinate your move to Flags independently.

FeatureStatus (timing subject to change)
Standalone A/B Test migration to Flags A/B Test ruleCompleted
Allowlisting (FKA Whitelisting)Completed
Mutual Exclusion GroupsIn progress - Q3
Multi-armed Bandits & Stats AcceleratorIn progress - Q3
UI Editing for complex Audience combinations. See v3.1 of docs for more informationPlanned - Q1/Q2 2023
Jira IntegrationPlanned - Q3/Q4
Program Management Idea LinkingPlanned - Q3/Q4

For more information on your Account or Project's eligibility for early migration today, please reach out to your Account manager.

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