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The Java SDK is distributed through Maven Central and is created with source and target compatibility of Java 1.8. The `core-api` and `httpclient` packages are [optimizely-sdk-core-api](🔗) and [optimizely-sdk-httpclient](🔗), respectively.

`core-api` requires `org.slf4j:slf4j-api:1.7.16` and a supported JSON parser. We currently integrate with these parsers (listed in their selection order priority):

  1. [Jackson](🔗)

  2. [GSON](🔗)

  3. [json.org](🔗)

  4. [json-simple](🔗)

If more than one of these parsers are available at runtime, the `core-api` chooses one for use per the selection order priority. If none of these packages are already provided in your project's classpath, you must add one.

Moving to MavenCentral

Optimizely previously distributed the Java SDK through Bintray/JCenter. But, as of April 27, 2021, [Bintray/JCenter will become a read-only repository indefinitely](🔗). The publish repository has been migrated to [MavenCentral](🔗) for the SDK version 3.8.1 or later. Older versions will still be available in JCenter.

To install, place the following in your build.gradle and substitute `{VERSION}` for the latest SDK version available via MavenCentral.

The full source code is on [GitHub](🔗).