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Send events using Optimizely Web Experimentation

This topic describes how to send data to Optimizely using the Optimizely Web Experimentation.

Optimizely Web Experimentation is a platform that allows you to experiment through A/B or multi-variant testing on your web pages. Implementation is as simple as pasting the Optimizely snippet on the pages where you want to send your event data to Optimizely.

First, implement the Optimizely Web snippet on your web page. Then you can create the following events in Optimizely Web:

  • Click events – capture visitor clicks on elements like buttons or offers.
  • Pageview events – capture visitor web page views. Pageview events are automatically captured for any page in which you set up the Optimizely snippet.
  • Custom events: – with the help of the Optimizely Web JavaScript API, you can track any additional information about visitor behaviors like video views, scroll-depth or form-fills.

The instructions in the support article, Set up events in Optimizely, provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up events mentioned earlier in Optimizely Web.

Once you have implemented events in Optimizely Web, they are always on. An event will begin sending data to Optimizely when it is set up, even if you do not have any active running experiments. You can view the results of your events on the Optimizely Results page.