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Hey! These docs are for version 2.1.0-full-stack, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.0!

Many Optimizely customers also manage the development of features and experiments within Jira. This integration allows users to connect their Optimizely and Jira workflows without unnecessary duplication of effort.

## Configure and enable the integration

The Jira integration must be configured before you can use it. Your Jira administrator will have the appropriate credentials to do this.

  1. Log in to your Jira instance as an administrator.

  2. Install the [Optimizely for Jira app](🔗) by clicking the admin dropdown and choosing _Add-ons_.

  3. Login to Optimizely as an administrator or project owner in the Optimizely Full Stack project where you want to use the integration.

  4. Navigate to the Jira integration. Under _Integration Details_, toggle the on-off switch to **On**.

  5. Click **Connect to Jira** to initiate the OAuth process.

  6. On the OAuth page in Jira, select the Jira tenant URL you wish to authenticate (e.g., company.atlassian.net).

  7. In Optimizely, click **Edit** (under _Integration Details_) and select the same Jira tenant URL you just authenticated.

  8. Click **Save**.


Now that the integration is set up, other users will be asked to authenticate their accounts with Jira in order to link actions to the specific user who performed them. Users only need to authenticate once in an account, but the integration must be turned on in each project individually. This ensures the appropriate Jira URL is associated to each Optimizely project.

## Enable the new issue view in Jira

Before you can take advantage of this integration, you will have to enable the new Jira issue view in Jira. This will make visible the _Releases_ section in each of your Jira issues.

  1. Within Jira, click your profile avatar in the lower-left corner and select Personal settings.

  2. Toggle the switch for the new Jira issue view.


If Personal settings is not listed as an option when you click your avatar, you can find the toggle switch under Profile instead.

Learn more about the [new Jira issue view](🔗).

## Link a feature to a Jira issue

Find the feature you want to link to a Jira issue and click the Actions icon (**...**) at the far right-hand side. From the drop-down list, select **Link Issue...**.


The Link Jira Issue modal appears. Enter the Jira issue key in the search field and click **Add Issue**.


Once you've selected all the Jira issues you want to link, click **Save and Link Issues**.


## Unlink a feature from a Jira issue

Find the feature you want to unlink and hover over the Jira ticket link. In the callout that appears, click **Unlink**.


If you're sure you want to unlink the Jira issue from the feature, click **Unlink Jira Issue**.



When you link or unlink an issue, it should be reflected immediately in both Optimizely and Jira.

## Troubleshooting

To verify your integration is working as expected, navigate to _Settings_ > _Integrations_ and find the project integration settings for Jira. These should indicate that integration is switched on and connected with a Jira tenant URL.


Alternatively, if you see the option to [link Jira issues](🔗) or [unlink Jira issues](🔗) to feature flags in the _Features_ dashboard as shown in the sections above, your integration is working correctly.

If your integration isn't working as expected, make sure your Jira administrator has installed the [Optimizely for Jira app](🔗) as an add-on before trying to authenticate from Optimizely. This has to be added on the Jira side before any authentication attempts are made.

Sometimes the project settings show that Jira integration is enabled, but the option to link issues from the _Features_ dashboard is not available. This means the user has not been properly authenticated. On the Atlassian oAuth page, be sure to select the same Jira tenant URL that is listed in the Optimizely project settings.

If you can't see the _Releases_ section on the right side of your Jira issues, make sure that **New Jira Issue View** is switched on in your Jira profile settings. If that doesn't work, check with your Jira administrator that the [Optimizely for Jira app](🔗) is installed in your Jira instance.

Integrate Optimizely with Jira

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