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When the `locale` parameter is set in the GraphQL request, the query performs the following:

  1. Filter the content by routing to the specified language content.

  2. Use linguistic processing of content when using the `contains` operator on a field. For example, the support tokenization of words, decompounding and stemming of these words.


Having values with "pommes, noisettes" is stemmed to their (algorithmic) base form, so searching for singular forms also match: "pomme noisette".

The `locale` parameter takes a list of one or more locale values as input. When locale is not specified, an index without any language processing is used for matching. The locale parameter is directly related to the language\_routing parameter.

Locale settingIndexingSearching
Without language\_routing/locale parameter.Standard indexStandard index
With language\_routing/locale parameterIndex each document to a separate index for each provided language.Standard index and search in separate index for each provided language. Besides the index filtering, language support for the full-text search operator _contains_ for each provided language is enabled.

## Locale format

  • the value must start lowercase, such as `en, sv`

  • support to query a specific locale such as `en_GB, en_US`

  • support to query single or multiple locales by using comma as delimiter.

### Examples

  • Query a specific language. It returns the content items for that language and content items that have language empty "" or null (those content items are asset contents).

  • Query multiple languages and locales. It returns the content items for these languages and content items that have language empty "" or null (those content items are asset contents).

## Syncrhonize languages and locales

  1. On the **Admin **tab, enable the languages and locales you want to support

  1. On the **Edit **tab, choose the **Start** page.

  2. Select **Tools **>** Language Settings**.

  1. Check the languages or the locales you want to support.

  1. Go to the **Sites **tab and change to the language or locales you want.

  1. Return to the **Pages** tab.

  2. Start to translate the previous page, then the content item is synchronized immediately and the GraphQL schema updates.


  • If you enable the language only in the Admin view, and it will not have an effect.

  • Translating the **Start** page is a mandatory step to synchronize the language to GraphQL schema.