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The dashboard is an extension of the self-service capabilities offered as part of the [DXP Cloud Services](🔗), and provides access to data about usage, and availability for components associated with your DXP subscription.

## Logging in to the dashboard

The dashboard is available on [https://dxc.episerver.net/](🔗). Log in using the **Optimizely cloud account** associated with your DXP subscription, see [Creating an Optimizely Cloud Account](🔗).

## Dashboard features

When logged in, the dashboard menu appears.

  • **Management Portal**. Access to self-service deployment features.

  • **Forums**. Developer community forums on Optimizely World.

  • **Support**. Support help center and knowledge base.

  • **Trust Center**. Security information center.

  • **Service Health**. Systems operations status overview.

  • **Web Help**. End-user guides.

  • **Service Description**. Description of services included in DXP.


### Usage overview

When logged in, your organization and the associated usage data is loaded, and the **Usage Overview** appears.

  • **Page Views**. Number of page views for a selected month.

  • **Total Page Views (YTD)**. Number of page views this calendar year, from 1/1/yyyy to current date.

  • **Availability**. Availability per month (availability in the top line displays the current partial month). Calculations are corrected for UTC time differences.


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