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By default, Optimizely Search & Navigation does not index content in a content area.

## Index methods

In Optimizely Content Management System (CMS), content can be placed in a content area, which is a [property](🔗) of the type `ContentArea`. While content in a content area is not indexed by default as part of the main content, methods are available for indexing such content. Use one of the following strategies to index, for example block type content, inside a content area.

  • Use the content type's `IndexInContentAreas` attribute. All instances of the content type that are dropped in a content area are indexed as a part of the main content.

  • In admin mode, create a Boolean property for the content type (selected/not selected) with the name `IndexInContentAreas`, and set its value to **True**. All instances of that content type in a content area are indexed as part of the main content.

  • Change the default behavior of the `IContentIndexerConventions.ShouldIndexInContentAreaConvention`.

  • To limit the serialized object depth when having nested `ContentAreas`, the serialization contract for the `ContentArea` type can be modified using the `MaxDepthContentAreaConverter` method (by default all nested `ContentAreas` are indexed):