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This integration requires Optimizely Customized Commerce version 8.8 or higher.

## Integration packages

  • _EPiServer.Commerce.FindSearchProvider_ – Integration with Optimizely Commerce back-end parts using the Find (Search & Navigation) search provider.

  • _EPiServer.Find.Commerce_ – Optimizely Commerce integration based on the Find (Search & Navigation) API.

You can use _EPiServer.Commerce.FindSearchProvider_, _EPiServer.Find.Commerce_, or both. The _Commerce.FindSearchProvider_ package uses Optimizely Search & Navigation (Find) as a search provider in Commerce Manager and the ECF search APIs. The _Find.Commerce_ package uses Optimizely Search & Navigation to search catalog items via the Find API. See [Configuring Optimizely Search & Navigation search provider](🔗) in the Commerce developer guide.

## Integration components

The _EPiServer.Commerce.FindSearchProvider_ provides the following functionality:

  • **Catalog items included in Unified Search results** – Projections are configured for `Url`, `ImageUri`, and object getter for inheritors of `EntryContentBase`.

  • **Catalog items available when creating best bets** – The Search & Navigation Best Bets UI lets you select catalog items.

  • **Enhanced indexing of catalog items** – Indexing includes all catalog languages.

  • **Search provider for catalog items** – Catalog items can be searched using Search & Navigation in Optimizely edit view.

## Install

  1. Add the _Optimizely.Commerce.FindSearchProvider_ package to the** Commerce Manager project** using the Package Manager Console (**Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Package Manager Console**).

    **Command: **Install-package Optimizely.Commerce.FindSearchProvider

  2. Add the _EPiServer.Find.Commerce_, _EPiServer.Find.Cms_, and _EPiServer.Find.Framework_ packages to the **CMS project**. Run the following command on the CMS project.

    **Command**: Install-package EPiServer.Find.Commerce


    Ensure that you **do not** install the _EPiServer.Find.Cms_ package on the Commerce Manager project by mistake.

  3. Run the **Find content indexing **scheduled job. _EPiServer.Find.Commerce_ adds data to documents being indexed, so indexed documents only match expected search results after content is reindexed.