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Class libraries are hosted on Optimizely World. APIs are hosted here.

  • Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) and Optimizely Customized Commerce

    • [Optimizely Content Management System .NET API and libraries](🔗)

    • [Optimizely Customized Commerce .NET API and libraries](🔗)

    • [Content Delivery REST API reference (including Commerce Storefront REST API)](🔗)

    • [Content Definitions REST API reference](🔗)

    • [Content Management REST API reference](🔗)

    • [Service API developer reference (Commerce Integration REST API)](🔗)

  • Optimizely Configured Commerce

    • [Optimizely Configured Commerce Storefront REST API](🔗)

  • Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP)

    • [Optimizely Content Marketing Platform Open Rest API](🔗)

  • Optimizely Data Platform (ODP)

    • [Optimizely Data Platform REST API](🔗)

    • [Optimizely Data Event API](🔗)

  • Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

    • [Optimizely DXP Episerver Cloud REST API](🔗)

  • Optimizely Experimentation

    • [Optimizely Feature Experimentation Flags API](🔗)

    • [Optimizely Feature Experimentation Agent API](🔗)

    • [Optimizely Web Experimentation](🔗)

    • [Optimizely Performance Edge Decider](🔗)

    • [Optimizely Performance Edge JavaScript API](🔗)

  • Optimizely Search & Navigation

    • [Optimizely Search & Navigation API](🔗)

  • Optimizely Campaign

    • [Optimizely Campaign REST API](🔗)

    • [Optimizely Campaign developer guide with REST, HTTP, SOAP, and SMPT APIs](🔗)