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Install the Optimizely Digital Asset Management library picker

This topic describes how to set up a template site to use Optimizely Digital Asset Management (DAM) UI integration packages.

Package prerequisites

  • EPiServer.CMS.Core 12.8.0 or later
  • EPiServer.CMS.UI 12.9.0 or later

Install the Optimizely Content Marketing Platform integration package

  1. Enter the following command to install the Optimizely Content Marketing Platform integration package.
$ dotnet add package EPiServer.CMS.WelcomeIntegration.UI
  1. In Startup.cs add following line:

Configure the Optimizely Content Marketing Platform integration

You can customize the integration in theEPiServer\Cms section of application.json:

  "DAMUi" : {  
    "Enabled"  : true,  
    "Settings" : {  
      "Welcome" : {  
        "IconClass"      : "dijitNoIcon",  
        "AvailableTypes" : "episerver.core.imagedata",  
        "StoreName"      : "episervercmsdamcontentcreation",  
        "Endpoint"       : "<https://app.welcomesoftware.com">,  
        "PathAndQuery"   : "/cloud/library-picker?assetTypes=image"  
  • IconClass – Choose an icon class. Default: dijitNoIcon.
  • Availabletypes – Specify the new editor command that is added only if it is (or inherited from) one of the available image types. Default: episerver.core.imagedata so properties that let you add an image have the new command.
  • StoreName – Specify the server side code (with your new store) into which you can add your business logic. Default: episervercmsdamcontentcreation.
  • EndPoint – Specify the end point to transform the root DAM domain for each environment you have (inte, preprod or prod) Default: app.welcomesoftware.com.
  • PathAndQuery – Specify the path and query so that you can add default filters for the DAM library picker by image, video or all. Default: image.

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