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  • [AttachmentWebservice](🔗): Query, create or update attachments

  • [BlacklistWebservice](🔗) : Query, update or remove blocklist entries as well as determine whether a given email address is blocked

  • [ClosedLoopWebservice](🔗): Manage closed-loop processes

  • [CouponBlockWebservice](🔗): Create coupon blocks, query names and assignments and delete blocks

  • [CouponCodeWebservice](🔗): Create, query and delete coupon codes

  • [FolderWebservice](🔗): Retrieve information about folders, create folders, move or delete folders

  • [MailIdWebservice](🔗): Provides access to detailed information about a mail ID

  • [MailingReportingWebservice](🔗): Query statistics for a mailing

  • [MailingWebservice](🔗): Query, create, update, remove or start mailings as well as send emails on demand

  • [OptinProcessWebservice](🔗): Provides methods to access the opt-in processes

  • [RecipientFilterWebservice](🔗): Query, create or update recipient filters

  • [RecipientListWebservice](🔗): Query or update recipient lists

  • [RecipientWebservice](🔗): Query, add, update and remove recipients

  • [ResponseWebservice](🔗): Query email responses on a mailing or recipient basis, reset the bounce counter

  • [SessionWebservice](🔗): Session handling (login, logout etc.) for all web services

  • [Soap11Webservice](🔗): Basic interface for all web services

  • [SplitMailingWebservice](🔗): Query, create, edit and delete split mailings

  • [UnsubscribeWebservice](🔗): Query, update or delete unsubscribes