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To create mailings to be used as splits, use the [MailIdWebservice](🔗) methods.

addSplitConverts an existing mailing into a split mailing and assigns this mailing to a master mailing.
getSplitChildIdsQueries the IDs of all split mailings which are assigned to a specific master mailing.
getSplitMasterIdQueries the ID of the master mailing, which is associated with a specific split mailing.
removeSplitConverts a split mailing into a regular mailing.
setFinalSplitSelectionCriterionDefines the selection criterion for sending a split mailing as master mailing.
setMasterStartDelayDefines the sending delay for the start of a master mailing after all split mailings have been sent.

## Mailing type

The following mailing type is supported:

  • split: A regular split mailing

## MIME type

The following MIME types are supported:

  • text/plain: Text emails

  • text/html: HTML emails

  • multipart/alternative: Text and HTML emails

## Selection criteria

The following selection criteria are supported:

  • OPEN\_RATE: Open rate

  • BOUNCE\_RATE: Bounce rate

  • CLICK\_RATE: Click rate

  • EFFECTIVE\_CLICK\_RATE: Effective click rate

  • UNSUBSCRIBE\_RATE: Unsubscribe rate