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This method can be replaced by the .NET replacement method [getDistinctValuesCountFlat](🔗).


Using this method with the wrong argument (e.g., no threshold) can lead to huge amount of data returned.

**Type**: String[ ] [ ]


sessionIdStringID of the session
recipientListIdlongID of the recipient list
recipientFilterIdlong(optional) ID of the target group<br><br>If the value is greater than 0, only recipients that match the target group with this ID are returned.
attributeNameStringField name of the field (e.g., firstname, lastname etc.) that is to be queried for distinct values
thresholdintNumber of characters that are examined<br><br>Example: With a threshold of 4 the values Test-A and Test-B will be summed up to Test.

**Return values**

Multidimensional arrays. Odd indices contain the value and even indices contain the corresponding count

Example: result[0][0]=="Value 1", result[0][1]=="234", result[1][0]=="Value 2", result[1][1]=="678"


A maximum of 10,000 values are returned.

**Code structure**